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Thank you very much for your interest in the «International Medical Leech Centre». Our Centre was founded at 1937, and until now we have had great success in growing medicinal leeches in artificial conditions.

Many people have put their heart and soul into the breeding of the medicinal leeches. Many minds worked hard to create this difficult technological process. However, the history of the International Medical Leech Centre is not limited to the questions of cultivation of Hirudo medicinalis only. Over the past 20 years our Centre has been conducting research to answer questions regarding the scientific basis of hirudotherapy and the therapeutic action of medicinal leeches and also working on ways to widen their area of use. Our centre offers certification programs in Hirudotherapy to health professionals, and we are proud to say that more than 2000 physicians have been certified to provide hirudotherapy to their patients using our methodology. Due to our specific breeding methods of Hirudo Medicinalis, which allow for standardization, we are providing the highest quality of medicinal leeches to our customers. Unlike other medicinal leech producers, we are not cutting corners in the pursuit of cheaper production, which results in negative effects in hirudotherapy. Our Centre’s primary interest is in the pursuit of excellence in our production of the Hirudo Medicinalis and in providing the highest quality of training in Hirudotherapy to health professionals.

Another aspect of our offering is the specific preparations used in cosmetic and medicinal applications that were created by understanding the cause and effect of biologically active substances produced by medicinal leeches. In order to produce the best formulations, we engage a complex approach.  This includes scientific research of mechanisms of the active components of the leech’s salivary gland secretions, selection and analysis of the best form of delivery of these components, and conduction of comprehensive clinical tests that are followed by large scale production of the preparations. Our preparations bear the name of their principal developer and founder, «Dr. Nikonov». «Dr. Nikonov» preparations have received outstanding acclaim, which has resulted in the use of the «Dr. Nikonov» line of products not only in Russia, but also abroad. By using these preparations physicians and patients alike found a new and increased effectiveness of the hirudotherapy treatments so were able to use fewer leech applications. Even after 70 years of continuous research and development that resulted in our new and successful industrial centre, we are dedicated to providing our patrons with the best in Hirudotherapy. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous future as we continually strive to upgrade our services, production, and education. We are committed to constant growth through research and development as Hirudotherapy continues to take a more prominent place in today’s health care.

«The International Medical Leech Centre» produces about 3 million medicinal leeches per year. For the feeding of our new born leeches we use bovine blood, which is provided to us by the certified meat-packing factories. Each party of bovine blood is accompanied by the certification performed by a veterinary specialist and a Russian sanitation service. The blood with which our leeches are fed is classified as «blood suitable for the food industry (foodstuff)». Also, since leeches in Russia are used as a pharmacological remedy, our Centre is certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
We thank you for your interest in our medicinal leeches, and we are happy to inform you that we are prepared to export our Hirudo medicinalis to you. Since our production of medicinal leeches is around 3 million leeches per year (raised in factory conditions), we are more than able to offer some of our stock to you. For the most part these leeches are sold inside of Russia as medicinal devices. A quantity of leeches were used to prepare cosmetics and other medicinal preparations from the biological substances produced by medicinal leeches, which leaves us with a large quantity of leeches available for exportation.
The documentation that accompanies our exported leeches is for live animals (not medicines), and for this purpose we receive CITES permission (importation of the extinct species certification that they were raised and not hunted to extinction) for each leech batch that we ship. Ordinarily we work on terms CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid to) International airport of your country.

The price of medicinal leech is fluctuating from 1 USD to 3 USD.

I hope that I was able to answer all your questions about us as an organization and about leech exportation. If you are interested in our «Dr. Nikonov» line of products, please contact us.

Sincerely yours,
prof. Nikonov G.I.,
General Director of the International Medical Leech Centre